Community Weaving

Leonore from Leverett Crafts & Arts Center came to visit today in the art room. She taught us some new things about weaving. We started a classroom weaving on a loom she created for us. She also taught us how to make homemade ropes! It was a lot of fun. We hope she comes back soon. Stay tuned for more pics of our finished weavings.

Sixth grade cup sculptures

Students created interesting sculptures using a found object. They were creative in the way they looked at the cup shape, attached cups together, and used cutting tools.

Winter art on display

Multiple grades have been exploring how to create winter scenes with different techniques and materials.

Mountain Day Fun with Nature crafts

Students in PreK, K, 1st and 2nd grades collected objects from their hikes on Mountain day and then created beautiful pieces of art to take home with them.  It was a fun day, seeing the students out in nature and exploring the woods with them.  They were thrilled to fill their paper bags with fallen leaves, pinecones, pine needles, rocks, moss, bark and other cool finds.  We sorted the objects in their bags in the art room to share with other classes.  Students then enjoyed making leaf rubbings, decorating leaves and bark, making sun catchers, leaf collages and yarn wrapped sticks.  It was a really special day, one I was honored to be a part of.

Waiting to be planted…

We are so excited to plant our pinwheels on Monday!!

Leverett Elementary Art Room


It’s a new year

Starting out our school year with the concept of peace ties in so nicely with our discussion of rules and classroom expectations.  Students have learned and discussed why we even have rules in the art room.  The two main reasons discovered were, to keep everyone safe and to help us learn better.  So far this year, most classes have gone over these expectations and logical consequences that go along with rules.  We have also worked to finish our pinwheels for our upcoming celebration.  Hope to see you there!

Students have also helped to create a LES family tree in the main hallway across from the nurse’s room.  Each student has designed a hand by coloring it shades of one color from our color wheel and cutting it out to form the leaves of a tree.  I’ve also added an excerpt from the book Only One You by Linda Kranz.  I plan to focus more on this book with various projects throughout the year.  Some owls have also been added to the bulletin board and hope to make an appearance on future school newsletters.

Next, we will begin a study of sunflowers. Each class will create a piece of art with the sunflower as our inspiration.  We will utilize different drawing materials across grade levels and see how many different ways we can display their beauty in our hallways.

Pinwheels for Peace

Each year I like to start the school year by celebrating International Day of Peace.  The students at LES are busy making their pinwheels for this colorful celebration.  We will be gathering out front of the school with our community to share our desire to have a peaceful school year on September 25, 2017 from 9-9:30.