Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15th-October 15th, we celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month to bring awareness of various hispanic cultures around the world. Many beautiful art forms come from Hispanic cultures. I grew up in San Antonio, TX which isn’t very far from the Mexican border. One of my favorite things about living in San Antonio, was visiting the Mexican Market. Rooms were filled with brightly colored goods such as metal art, clothing, blankets and pottery. I also enjoyed all the food and smells I experienced in the market. Mexican pastries were among some of my favorites to try. Here are some fun activities you could try to honor the artists from these cultural backgrounds.

Aztec Sun Images

Yarn Paintings

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry Dolls Lesson and Art Project


Hope you have had a great start to your summer.

If you are looking for ways to be creative this summer…here are some more great ideas. Also, remember to look back at the blog for several other ideas for projects you might want to try at home. You can always reach me at my email address:
neal@leverettschool.org if you have questions or want to share your art with me.

I hope to continue to add ideas to the blog throughout the summer…so stay tuned.

Create a sign for your yard that promotes awareness around racial justice…here is one way to do that. Pick a word that makes a positive statement towards change. Use graffiti to inspire your art.

Graffiti Tag Memory Collage




Hide & Seek

I really love the way that animals adapt and change due to their environments. I’ve been outside enjoying nature on walks, hikes and just sitting and watching. I hope you are getting outside also! Take note of creatures and how some hide or camouflage themselves while others really stand out (like the moths in the pictures above). Then make some art with your findings. Here is a great lesson you may want to try. Camouflage your own animal…have fun and be creative.

Remember that I will be updating the blog over the summer. I would love for you to access the information here and try some of the lessons and resources. I still miss you all. Have a wonderful summer! I hope you and your families stay safe and healthy and have some fun together.
Love, Ms. Neal

Hide_Seek_ The Art of Camouflage


Student Work…

Please share your art with me, even throughout the summer, so I can share it on our blog.

Miss you all!!! Here is Grant & Lydian’s work…
Ms. Neal


Here’s a chance for you to make your own book. There are several ways you can bind a book, or put a book together. Please see the lesson below for one clever way to make a pop up book.

First: ​Brainstorm an idea for your book…What do you want your book to be about? Choose something you are interested in or know something about. It doesn’t have to be an informational book. It could be fiction, or just a book of your artwork. It could also be photos of a collection you have. There are tons of ideas…choose one that interests you.

Next​: Bind your book. You can simply take paper, fold it in half and staple the fold. Or you can do a little more complicated version like the one in the lesson below. If you need help, ask an older sibling or an adult to help.

Then:​ Add your content. Add words and illustrations or photos. You could also use collage and take photos from newspapers or magazines. Don’t forget to ask first before you cut anything around the house.

Cover​: Don’t forget to make a nice cover for your book. The cover of a book is the first thing people see, so make it bright and beautiful to catch someone’s attention.

I hope you have fun creating your book. I hope I get to see it. Use some of the other skills you’ve learned this year and whatever materials you have at home. Enjoy!
Remember to send me a picture to my email address.





Check out this Virtual Tour of Illustrators in their studios!!

Here is another fabulous look into the lives of illustrators. These illustrators are still hard at work! It’s so fun to see them in their own studios. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Visit https://www.carlemuseum.org/ (there is a link on the right under ART LINKS)

On the home page, on the left side you’ll find a link to ART in PLACE: Social Distancing in the Studio presented by Mo Willems.

Virtual Museum Visit

Most of the activities I have suggested have been off-line, but here is one that will require you going online to visit a museum. Pick a rainy day when you have a long stretch of time indoors, and take a peek into an art museum. I’ve included a resource with lots to choose from.
Also, choose one of the activities to do related to your visit. See the attached lessons with step by step instructions. I’ve also included other resources that might help with your planning and sharing of your art.

Lower grades​: Design a sculpture you would put in your own museum. Remember, a sculpture takes up space and is 3 dimensional. You can view it from all angles. Build it and if you can, add color with paint.

Upper grades​: Design a souvenir from the art museum. A souvenir is something someone can buy from the museum to remind them of their trip and experience there. What would you buy from the museum?

● A toy?Connect it to the museum!!
● A piece of clothing?
● A book?
● A card or postcard? Which was your favorite piece of artwork?
● A mug? Magnet? Jewelry? Game?….






Sculpture Park Art

Welcome to the Gift Shop


Grade PreK-2
What does community mean to you? I think of the people around me, whether it is my neighborhood, my home or my work. I also think of the things in my community: buildings, landscapes, hallways, classrooms, or rooms in my house.

Pick a place to explore. It could be your room or another room in your house, it could be an outdoor space, a playhouse, tree house, favorite spot in your yard, or even the center of your town. Think about what kinds of things you have in this space and what makes it special to you.

Draw a map or picture of this space. Add the people who are with you in this space or animals and plants, etc.
What would you change about this space? For an added challenge, draw another picture of the space but with your changes. It could become a room full of stuffies or a field full of all different kinds of flowers and butterflies. You get to decide. Have fun and be creative.

Here are a few examples of maps and drawings of a neighborhood. You can make it as simple or as complex as you’d like.

Grade 3-6
What does community mean to you? I think of the people around me, whether it is my neighborhood, my home or my work. I also think of the things in my community: buildings, landscapes, hallways, classrooms, or rooms in my house.

Pick a path that you take, or used to take when you were in school. For example, you could draw the path from your classroom to the art room, or the path from the cafeteria to the playground, or a path from your room to the kitchen in your house.

Look at the following lesson, including the steps to the assignment and the resources I’ve included. You might find the resources helpful when planning your map of your path or in thinking about your community.

It’s been a long time since we were in school. It might be a challenge to remember exactly what is along the path you choose to draw.
Have fun and be creative.
Don’t forget to share your art with me!

My Path



Cartoon Characters


This week, spend some time drawing cartoon characters. Take a look at the resources I’ve provided for ideas below. Don’t be so concerned about how they look, just have fun with it. You can even take your cartoon characters that you develop and create a comic strip that tells a story with pictures. Your comic strip can have words or can be made up of just drawings. Remember to share your creations with me at neal@leverettschool.org.

For younger students, use basic shapes to create characters. Practice drawing faces to start. Look in a mirror to see where eyes, nose, mouth and ears are placed on your face. Use this to help when doing your drawings.

Most importantly, have fun. Be creative. Share your characters and comic strips with your class and teachers. Combine characters into a joint comic strip between you and your classmates for an extra challenge.
Here is a link for a lesson to get you started. Be sure to scroll down for the steps.
Cartoon Characters!